The life of our church is found in our service to others.  Trinity UMC  is very active in our community seeking to help and serve others.  Found  on this page are the missions we actively support with our time,  talents and resources.  We are proud of our commitment to young people  and families, as you will see by the many missions we serve and support   below.  If you wish to volunteer, donate or would like more information  about any of our missions, please contact the church office at:  office@chesapeakecityumc.com

Food Pantry:  In partnership with the CCEA and its’ member churches, we help to sustain  a food pantry for those in need.  Donations can be placed in the  special crafted storage pew located in the hallway leading to the  Sanctuary.  Volunteers run donations to the CCEA on a weekly basis.   During the Christmas season we add gift cards thru the “Angel Tree”  ministry.  The CCEA receives and screens clients for needs and  distributes approximately 1 week of non-perishable food items, plus  meats, dairy & daily care supplies when available, for each client  family. 


Paris Foundation:  Lead by Mikki Senn.  We have a  long-standing tradition of providing a monthly meal for the hungry. In  years past our Youth Ministries formed (MOMS Kitchen) -- Mom’s served a  free lunch on the last Saturday of each month.  In partnership with what  is now Deep Roots Ministries, shelter residents were brought to Trinity  UMC by van.  The youth and youth leaders prepared and served the meals.  In recent years we have partnered with The Paris Foundation, located on  Bridge Street in Elkton, MD.  We provide a full meal on the 4th Tuesday  of the month (with few exceptions).  This ministry meets quarterly to  pray, share stories, plan out the next 2 months of meals and bring  feedback.  There is always room for people of all skill levels from  cooking, to baking, to serving and clean up. 


Generation Station:   Lead:  Jodi Shitama.  In partnership with The Chesapeake City  Ecumenical Assoc., we support this youth-based ministry which provides a  safe, clean environment for children (middle thru high school).  This  program runs Sept. – May of each year and is free to the families.   Included each day is a nutritious snack; homework support and a range of  activities (both educational and fun). 


Rotating Homeless Shelter:  Leads:  Joyce  Stansfield/Tom Duffy.  A partner from the beginning of this ministry  (approx. 11 years ago), we host the shelter for 1 to 2 weeks each  season.  The Fellowship Hall is opened, with the Shelter Administration  providing the cots & bedding; and our church provides the roof under  which they will lay.  Other ministries with our church and from other  local churches, provide the people-power and meals to run the program.   Being in Chesapeake City offers those housed within the shelter a brief  reprieve from the county-seat (Elkton) and an opportunity to connect  with new faces & hearts.  Click on the  Mary Randall Center link  to find out more about how our church, and others, serves in this much-needed mission. 


Trinity Preschool:  Lead: Deidra Johnson.  Trinity provides a wonderful Christian preschool  opportunity for children ages 3 and 4.  The program runs Tuesday -  Thursday in the mornings.  Age appropriate academics in a nurturing and  Christian atmosphere are all part of this excellent program.  Click on  the preschool link to learn more. 


Camp Pecometh:  Leads:  Todd Harvey/Monte Carlsile.  Located near Centerville,  Maryland, this beautiful ministry facility offers Christian camping  experiences for young people as well as a state of the art adult  ministry setting.  Our church encourages families to consider this  opportunity for children to enjoy camp and grow in their knowledge of  Jesus Christ.  We have an active camper scholarship fund available to  families who are active in our church.  Check Here to  find out more about Camp Pecometh and this wonderful ministry.  If you  wish to inquire about supporting our scholarship fund or camp in  general, please contact the church office. 


Deep Roots at Clairvaux Farm:   Leads: Audrey Kulick/Louise Stevens.  In partnership with another group  that provides shelter for “homeless” families during times of need.  This program provides shelter, counseling in a range of topics and again  hope. We help to provide basic needs again from food to daily care  supplies.  


Cecil County Crisis Pregnancy Center:  Lead: Deb  Forsythe.  “What’s in a Dresser?”-provides a unique partnership with the  Cecil County Pregnancy Center.  We provide a new dresser and fill it  with items for a newborn baby from diapers, to clothing, to books and  more!  Moreover, we provide a visual of hope & a stranger’s love to  the young mother who will receive the dresser once it is delivered to  the Pregnancy Center.  In some years the generosity of our members has  allowed us to donate 2 dressers-again filled for the new baby! 


Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association (CCEA):  Lead: Karol Armstrong.  Trinity UMC is an active member of the CCEA,  which consists of local churches here in town.  The CCEA provides food  pantry items, monetary assistance, household goods, clothing and  assistance to families.  Our church supports each of those components  through donations of goods or by volunteering. For more information on  how to help or donate, please click Here.  


Prayer Ministries:   Our church family believes strongly in the power of prayer.  Contact our  church office or submit a prayer request on our Prayer Request page if  you wish to inquire about our wonderful Prayer Ministries. 

Prayer Shawls Ministry (Lead: Vicki Foraker)   Prayer Shawls are created, prayed over and delivered to persons in need of prayers.     


Vacation Bible School (VBS):  Lead:  Karol Armstrong.   Trinity UMC works in conjunction with the other local churches in  Chesapeake City to provide a wonderful Vacation Bible School experience  for children ages 3 - 14.  You do not need not be a member of any church  to participate.  To learn more about this year’s dates and program,  click Here to access the CCEA webpage or contact our church office 


Fall School Supplies:   Each year during July and  August our church seeks donations of school supplies for students.   Everything from backpacks to crayons are accepted as we seek to make  sure any child in need gets off to a great start at school by having the  simple tools they need in the classroom.  If you wish to donate,  please  contact the church office or look for the  calendar/newsletter/bulletin announcements on this mission during the  summer months. 


Annual Christmas Bazaar: Leads: Todd Harvey, Cindy  Wallace, Kathy Moran.  Our one main fundraiser each year is our annual  Christmas Bazaar which is held each year on the second Saturday in  November.  Food,  craft vendors, and the world’s best silent auction are  all part of this wonderful family experience held at the church.  Be on  the lookout in October and November for updates on our website and  newsletters as the big event approaches.  Donations of goods and  volunteering are two simple ways you can help.